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My work for Classic Rebel Ltd. began as a freelance commission to work on character development which built towards a cast of characters for illustrating newsletters featuring a comic. This lead to full time employment to continue this work and create designs and graphics for advertising purposes for the company.

My time at Classic Rebel Ltd. also involved managing the two websites and social media for the online retail of and the classic and vintage car hire of

Character Development

Newsletter Comics

After creating a range of characters I put them to use in an introductory comic. Introducing more characters as we began sending out some newsletters following the launch of the new online retail website for Classic Rebel. These comics were to include both aspects of the online retail and the classic car hire of Lune Valley Vintage and Classic.



Adverts featured in The Official Guide 2017: The Lake District, CumbriaClassic & Sports Car, MSCC:MiscellanyLancaster District Magazine and Local Choice.

Further Content

I worked at Classic Rebel Ltd between 2015 – 2016, some futher content may be found on their social media and websites.

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