The Irrational Thoughts of a Sales Assistant

The Irrational Thoughts of a Sales Assistant is the story of Gary Ross, an unenthusiastic sales assistant with the tendency of constantly moaning (in his own head). Gary works at WallCo’s; the home of slacking and antics, due to his colleagues: the lad Joel Swigg, the chavy Rachel Lawke, the meat head Kelly Softon, the overeager Lucy Williams, and the emotionally broken George Smith.

Ghrulan Tales: Ghrob and the Genie

Ghrulan Tales is an ongoing comic anthology series that I’m working on. It’s a series of stories surrounding the race of an alien species of the same name (Ghrulans). So far I’ve written and drawn two stories and I’m currently working on a third. The first of these stories was my entry to comic anthology Bagatelle #5: Ghrob and the Genie, a 7 page story about an alien who finds a genie on the remains of Earth.

Some Comics

Short comics about the mundane happenings of my life and sometimes about other things like detectives and wolves.

Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer is a short 12 page story about a ghost who writes for a living.