I enjoy bringing my illustrations to life with animation, mostly through GIF animations using a cel animation type technique.

Below are 3 animations I made for a project where we had to explain and try to answer questions without the use of words.

How does gravity work?

How are fossils formed?

How do boats float?

Animated GIF Illustration for poem ‘Jumbo Jet‘ by Spike Milligan.

The brief was to illustrate the poem by any means but with these points in mind.
1. You must use the poem in your illustration/s (hand-drawn or typeset)
2. No Quentin Blake rip-offs
3. You’re not allowed to show an elephant in its entirety.

The embedded video below is a title sequence for a fictional gameshow from the mind of Charlie Brooker, found on his website found on his website:

Aquatextile Savegoose Challenge
Mystifying gameshow in which contestants don blindfolds and gloves in an attempt to identify a patch of fabric glued to the base of a swimming pool without the use of eyes or fingers, before the time runs out and a goose has its head pulled off by a specially-built clockwork machine in front of a party of confused and frightened German schoolchildren.

This simple animation was for one of my Illustrated Tweets.

Below are some animated illustrations (Ghost Stories)

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