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Morse Code - The Scout Association

The Scout Association wanted a scene where two teams of children are sending morse code messages with torches, whilst the other team tries to work out what those messages are.

morse code edwin burrow

The final illustration with the blog post can be found on The Scout Association website here.


Initial sketches of the idea. I was trying to work out the best way to illustrate how the morse code would be sent by torch. As GIF animation wasn't an option we settled for dots and dashes in circles of light.

morse code edwin burrow morse code edwin burrow morse code edwin burrow

Full lineart of the scene.

TSA morse code

Final illustration before cropping and resize for The Scout Association blog post.

morse code edwin burrow

Each torch is displaying "GM", "SOS" and "GE", morse code for "Good Morning", the well known distress signal: "SOS" and "Good Evening".

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